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Enjoy your stay at one of America’s oldest inns

Photo of the front of the building. Stone building with three levels of porches
The Historic Fairfield Inn

With origins dating to 1757, The Fairfield Inn is one of America’s oldest, continuously operated Inns. The Inn offers all the refinement and charm one would expect from a small luxury hotel. Individually decorated bedrooms, spacious private bathrooms, and elegant, tastefully furnished suites and parlors invite you to relax. Proud to be celebrating and serving fine food and spirits to travelers and guests for over 260 years.

photo of the 1757 guest room, queen bed with two sitting chairs at the foot of bed

Built nineteen years before the Declaration of Independence, The Fairfield Inn was originally the Mansion House of Squire Miller, an original founder of the town. In the 260 years that have passed, the Mansion House has seen many famous Americans such as Patrick Henry, Thaddeus Stevens, Generals Robert E. Lee & J.E.B. Stuart, Baseball Hall of Famer Eddie Plank and Mamie Eisenhower.


Due to the historic nature of the building we are unable to be wheelchair accessible. All of our rooms are on the second and third floors, and are accessed by steps. Please feel free to call us at 717-642-5410 with any questions. We will always make any accommodations that we are able to.


  • From the ceiling cracks to the aged flooring, the inn provided a unique touch that represented old and rustic…